Is the Wheresie water-resistant?

Yes. We know that babies and toddlers can get messy!  We ensured that the casing is water-resistant to protect the device’s functionality.

What Smartphone devices does Wheresie application work with?

The Wheresie will work with iPhone iOs 8 and up.  Our hope is to develop an Android application in the near future.  It will all depend on the funding we raise.

Is the battery rechargeable or replaceable?

The Wheresie uses a standard coin cell CR2032 battery. The battery never needs to be replaced by the user. Our recycle program will allow the user to send the device back to us and get the latest version sent to you at a discount price

How long does the battery last?

The device has a long battery life estimated to be 9 -12 months in typical use.

Can I monitor multiple children on the application?

Yes, you can purchase a Wheresie for each child and register each of them on your iPhone application.  If you are with your children, your phone will alert you if one of your children has ventured to far.  If your children are with another caregiver and one of your children ventures to far, the device will not only alert the caregiver but will alert you.