Top Walking and Bicycle Safety Tips to Celebrate #Walktoschoolday

Yesterday was International Walk to School Day, which is the annual global event that takes place in over 40 countries to celebrate the movement to make walking and biking to school safe year-round. At Wheresie, we’re passionate advocates for children’s safety, so we’ve pulled together these top tips to help parents teach their young children smart traffic skills as they grow.

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  1. Teach where to walk and where to cross. The first and most important skill parents must teach their youngest children as they learn how to safely walk to school is where to walk and where to cross the street.Good rules of thumb to follow:
    – For a road with a sidewalk on one or both sides of the road: Use the sidewalk for traveling in either direction (with traffic or against traffic).
    – If no sidewalks exist on the road: Walk facing oncoming traffic on the same side of the road as the oncoming traffic. Stay as far to the side of the road as possible.
    – When bicycling: Ride on the right side of the road (going in the same direction as car traffic).
  2. Practice makes perfect. Children will need lots of practice with walking and riding their bicycle to school at any age, but especially through ages six or seven as they adjust to new places and roads and hone their listening and concentration skills to make good decisions about finding safe routes and doing this consistently over time. 

  3. Expect the unexpected. Remember, even as your little ones are learning (and possibly even mastering) their skills as safe walkers and bicycle riders, their curious nature as toddlers makes them prone to distraction and impulsivity. That’s why it’s imperative for parents to supervise always and also to model good behavior by stopping, looking and listening, and only crossing at safe crosswalks, etc.

Wheresie can give new parents peace of mind by letting them know where their toddler is at all times – whether he or she is near or far – by way of the wearable bluetooth device on the toddler’s clothing or shoe that connects parents through the Wheresie iPhone app.

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