How to Survive the First Day of Daycare – Wheresie Can Help

Feeling a little nervous about the first day of daycare? You’re definitely not alone. And short of sending in your own team of bodyguards, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to get through it. But making the transition to a new routine can also be an exciting time for you and your little one with the right preparation.

We’ve pulled together these top tips from the experts at to help make your first day of daycare just a little easier.

  • Trust is everything. Kids experts Leana Greene reminds parents that finding the right caregiver or child care provider is key, especially when it comes to your feeling of trust and peace of mind. Since children are so perceptive, they’ll instantly sense any doubts or uneasiness from you, so be sure to take as much time as you need to get to know the people and the place for your child’s care beforehand so you’ll feel comfortable when the first day arrives. Plus, for added confidence, the Wheresie clip is the child safety device designed to keep your toddler safe and close even when she’s far. The iPhone Wheresie app will allow you to quickly and easily do an electronic “handoff” to your childcare provider and will give you added peace of mind knowing that you can check in throughout the day and see that your child is safe and sound.
  • Pack a bit of home in their bag. Don’t forget to send a piece of “home” with your little one that will help them feel less anxious when it’s time to nap or have quiet time. A favorite toy or small blankie works well and can be packed right into their backpack along with a fresh change of clothes, diapers, and a snack.
  • Make “Going Home” part of the fun. As part of the adjustment phase, you’ll want to reassure your toddler that going home is part of the fun. That means having a routine like a family game night or reading new books from the library so that when the day is over, you’ll both know that going home is an extension of the fun, new routine, and you can look forward to spending quality time together once you get there.

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