New design development reduces cost of wheresie!

Our development team has been working tirelessly on finalizing design before we go into production, and they have discovered that due to re-engineering several key components, our production costs will be dramatically affected…in a really positive manner. We are not certain of the exact savings at this point, but we do know that it will reduce our suggested retail significantly. We are thankful for the many positive comments and sometimes helpful criticisms we received from so many of you these past few weeks during this kickstarter campaign. We took these suggestions to heart and were able to make a few changes that will, in turn, help us make this product more affordable and accessible to parents and caregivers.

 Our primary mission has always been to bring this product to market to help prevent serious injuries and/or accidental deaths to children. We will keep our supporters and fans in the loop as to all new developments, and want to encourage you to keep those comments and suggestions coming. Together we can help prevent avoidable pain and injury to our loved ones.

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