• Because you don’t have eyes in the back of your head and your toddler is a born sprinter.

  • Because even when you leave your baby in capable hands you still worry.

  • Because juggling daily routines and the kids’ activities leave you dizzy some days.

  • Because studies show we, as humans, are becoming more distractible by the day therefore more likely than ever to forget a quiet child.

Wheresie. Where your child is close and safe even when far away. Peace of mind.

b4b9117bcdd17bf8a6ada00a68f999c8_largeAs parents, our first instinct is to protect our children and keep them safe.  Unfortunately, we hear news reports all the time about children forgotten in hot cars and child drownings.  Even while in the most capable, conscientious hands, these startling statistics show just how easy it is for tragic, but preventable accidents, to happen anytime, anywhere.  We developed Wheresie to help prevent these kinds of accidents.



water proof clip

Water-proof smart clip

Easily clip wheresie to child

link to smart phone app

Link to Smart Phone App

Available on iTunes App Store Soon!

easy set-up

Easy Set-up

Set-up child profiles, add multiple caregivers and set safe zone, establish connection

seamless hand off

Seamless Hand-Off

disconnection alerts

Disconnection Alerts

check location of a child

Check Location of Child

WHERESIE App Screenshots

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